Architecture Building, Floor 2, KTH Main Campus

Cities have long served as objects of study for scientists interested in the cultural, political, economic, technological, and physical aspects of society. Today, a ‘New Urban Science’ is rapidly emerging due to the rise of digital tools and networking technologies, the proliferation of experiments and laboratories, increasing calls for democratically-driven knowledge production, the influence of global networks of knowledge exchange and learning, and so on.

In this roundtable, we will discuss 'The New Urban Science’ as it relates to transdisciplinarity, experimentation, data collection and analysis, collaboration, learning, and related topics. Invited panellists include:

  • Jonas Bylund, JPI Urban Europe
  • Erica Eneqvist, RISE
  • Kelsey Oldbury, VTI
  • Marco Molinari, KTH

    This event is free and is part of the Humanizing the Sustainable Smart City (HiSS) research project at KTH that includes researchers from engineering, the natural sciences, and social sciences who are studying the intersection of the digital, human, and built environments.

    For more information, please contact Andy Karvonen (apkar@kth.se) or Vladimir Cvetkovik (vdc@kth.se).
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